What am I Ordering?

At Team Badger 3D Printing what you get is a quality print.

If I'm not completely satisfied with how a print comes off the machine, I won't sell it.  

When you order from Team Badger 3D Printing and Wargaming you will receive.

  • Terrain or Gaming supplies 3D Printed using PLA (Polylactic Acid) Filament
  • 3D Prints with minimal Layer lines
  • Sturdy Prints with a sufficient infill
  • Unprimed, Unpainted Miniatures
  • Instructions to assemble (If Applicable)
  • Your choice of 3 Base filament colors to match your scheme( White, Grey, Black)
  • Printed on demand, products do not sit on shelves waiting to be sold. Your print will be printed when you order it.

I Guarantee my prints, if you are not happy with how the print turned out, I will happily reprint it at no extra charge. If a print has Warping, splitting, under-extrusion or another issue.  Please contact us at TeamBadgerWG@Gmail.com

Please note: Prints may require a certain degree of post processing.  Which are not limited too scraping lines or sanding before priming and painting.  I am guaranteeing a solid, print with as minimal layer lines as possible.