About Us

Here at Team Badger 3D Printing I have been working hard to bring quality prints to people in the Calgary Area.  It started in September 2019, I got my first 3D Printer an Ender 3 Pro.  Since then after frustrating hours of settings, fixing clogs, and leveling machines I've finally got my printer working to a higher standard of quality.

I began by printing small items, and Knick-knacks but since then I've progressed into wargaming terrain. During the COVID-19 Panic in 2020, I began to sell Ear savers to my colleagues at my work. People commented on how I should be doing this for a business, and I haven't looked back since.

Since then I have added two more printers to my 'Farm' another Ender 3 Pro, and an CR10 V3. We've since dubbed the three printers "David, Patrick, and Stevie" the names of three characters from the popular show Schitt's Creek.

I've backed several Kickstarter's and Patreon's in order to bring some cool, fantastical terrain for a mythical setting, and hope to expand from there.

Currently I back - Gamescape 3D and The Wilds of Wintertide and hope to back many more.

I encourage anyone who is interested in beginning 3D Printing for themselves, or someone looking for something specific to print to contact me directly with any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your support, and happy wargaming.

- Ian